First Nations Innovation and Partnership Award. Therapeutic Community Movement in Australasia: Organisational Award

  • Drug and Alcohol Services Association (DASA) Alice Springs Indigenous Outreach Program.
    Excellence in Research and Evaluation: Therapeutic Community Research Award

2016 was the first year this award was presented, and judges congratulated all nominees for their high standard of work in this area.  Two of the nominations stood out and were considered a credit to the vibrant work that is happening within ATCA.  Both organisations demonstrated and sustained an impressive and varied amount of research.  Both nominations are persuasive in terms of narrative and story, as well as empirically robust.  Overall, their client work and research amount to a formula for winning hearts and minds.  The case for the awards is strong and finely presented.

Excellence in Research and Evaluation: Therapeutic Community Research Award

  • The Salvation Army Recovery Services and Illawarra Institute for Mental Health, University of Wollongong Research Partnership Executive Team: Mr Gerard Byrne, Major Rick Hoffman, Prof Frank Deane, and Dr Peter Kelly.
  • Highly CommendedHigher Ground Research Committee, in association with Julian King Associates

Significant Contribution to the Therapeutic Community Movement in Australasia: Program, Service or Intervention

  • The Endeavour Dual Diagnosis Bridge Program
  • Highly Commended: Cyrenian House for the development and implementation of the Residential Pathways Program

Special Award for Leadership and Innovation

  • James Pitts

James has provided leadership and innovation to the TC sector over more than 32 years.  He has been a giant in our field, who has made a significant contribution to the lives of over 30,000 people.  The list of committees, Boards and expert groups on which he has served is long – and he has received a number of honours and awards over his long career.  He was a founding member of ATCA and has significantly expanded the benefit of the Therapeutic Community environment for people seeking recovery from addiction.

He has been a long-time advocate of the Therapeutic Community model of treatment and is highly regarded for his innovation and expertise in this field.  We will miss him as he retires from the sector, although we hope this will herald a new opportunity for him to support others within the sector to maintain fidelity in the TC model in their own services.

In 2016, ATCA was proud to honour someone who has an outstanding list of contributions over a lifetime of achievement.