Vanessa Dumbrell

Vanessa Dumbrell
Bachelor of Arts with Honours
Prince 2 Practitioner
Certificate IV in Alcohol and other Drugs

Vanessa commenced work in Therapeutic Communities 15 years ago, supporting clients during their intake and later coordinating transitional housing programs. She expanded this experience working in feminist organisations delivering drug and alcohol and homelessness services to women based in the philosophy of gender informed practice.

Most recently, Vanessa has been employed within the ACT Directorate of Justice and Community Services, which comprises several agencies and is responsible for a wide range of activities and services in the areas of justice, the law, emergencies and commercial practices.

As Directorate Liaison Officer, Vanessa has supported the Minister for Justice, Consumer Affairs and Road Safety, and the Minister for Corrections and Justice Health.

She is passionate about women in custody and exiting the prison system and is an advocate for change in this space.  Vanessa brings with her a strong sense of social justice principles and a desire to develop and promote policy that make real and positive change to the lives of marginalised people.

Vanessa has joined ATCA after gaining a wealth of experience in Government Justice, advocating and developing policy for victims of crime, developing governance structures, policy development and working with Ministers across a large and varied department. She has extensive experience supporting boards across Government.

Vanessa is passionate about TCs and is inspired by the changes that people can make in their lives and the role that TCs have.  She is excited to bring her life and diverse work experiences to ATCA.