Anne-Maree Kaser is the CEO of Windana Drug & Alcohol Recovery.  Bringing three decades’ experience in health and community services, Anne-Maree joined Windana in 2013 and now leads a significantly expanded organisation, leading a team of 180 to deliver residential and community-based alcohol and drug treatment programs across Victoria.

As Windana CEO, priorities in her role include expanding the reach and impact of Windana’s residential and community-based services, advocacy on AOD issues, lobbying for expansion of the AOD service system in Victoria, careful fiscal management and building relationships with donors, volunteers, internal staff, government agencies and other business partners.

She has joined the ATCA Board to contribute to governance, share experience and support further advocacy for investment in residential rehabilitation. Anne-Maree has more than 12 years’ experience working with boards, she is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a successful administrator in a range of settings, but most importantly, a passionate believer in TCs, the community as method model and the tremendous outcomes that people can and do achieve.