In 2013 the ATCA Standard was redrafted to include Residential Rehabilitation Services, and the ATCA
Standard was subsequently registered with JAS-ANZ in 2014. Audits against the Standard commenced
in 2015.

In recognition of this development, the ATCA Board has revised the Association’s membership
categories to reflect the certification options inherent in the Standard and to identify the various
pathways to membership of the Association. Broadly speaking the membership is divided into:

A. Therapeutic Communities – Organisational Members;
B. Therapeutic Communities – Group Members;
C. Residential Rehabilitation Services; and
D. Affiliates.

Within these primary divisions, six categories of membership have been determined by the ATCA
Board, namely:

  • Certified Therapeutic Community – Organisational Member
  • Therapeutic Community –Organisational Member
  • Certified Therapeutic Community Group Membership
  • Therapeutic Community Group Member
  • Certified Residential Rehabilitation Service – Associate Member
  • Residential Rehabilitation Service – Associate Member
  • Affiliate Member

It is an expectation that applicants under all categories will demonstrate:

  • Evidence-based practice – Services are consistent with current best practice and the organisation undertakes evidence-based AOD prevention and treatment strategies as outlined in current publications
  • Staff qualifications – The service ensures that all counselling and treatment is delivered by appropriately trained and/or experienced staff
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island/Mãori Cultural Security – the service agrees to acknowledge and respect the history, cultural rights, values, beliefs and diversity of Indigenous people and work towards embedding the principle of cultural security into service delivery
  • Cultural competency – the service considers the needs of clients from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds and provides a culturally competent service

For further information on the membership categories and to access the Membership Application Formclick here.

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