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Directions Health Services is a not for profit organisation established in 1973 which provides a range of services to individuals, families, carers and friends impacted by alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) use in the ACT and NSW.
Client focused and evidence based programs are delivered in accordance with harm minimisation principles. We offer a range of health interventions designed to reduce or limit harms and improve personal and community health. Directions achieve this through the provision of information, awareness sessions, counselling, case management, specific psychological therapies, support groups, referral, harm reduction activities, primary health care, withdrawal and rehabilitation services.

Treatment & Support Service (ACT): Provides free community based counselling and case management services for individuals, their families, carers and friends affected by ATOD issues. Support and counselling is also provided to people who are waiting for admission or have recently completed a withdrawal or rehabilitation program and are looking for strategies to prevent relapse, set goals, and manage ongoing mental health issues. Family support and counselling is available for people experiencing issues associated with a family member’s or friend’s ATOD use. This may include information on how to support the person concerned, safety planning, de-escalation strategies, and self-care. A walk-in service is available for people who are in crisis or would like an urgent assessment or have more immediate needs. A range of self-help and therapeutic support groups are also available. Outreach is provided to headspace, community health, housing estates and Alexander Maconochie Centre.

Althea Wellness Centre (ACT): Provides multidisciplinary and person centred primary care for individuals and their families who experience issues with ATOD. Access to nursing, medical and psychological services are available. Screening and treatment for Hepatitis C and other blood borne viruses, vaccinations, sexual health services, treatment for acute and chronic illnesses, pre and post natal care, referral to the dental program and other medical specialities are provided. Psychological testing and a range of psychological therapies are also available.

Arcadia House (ACT): Offers non-medicated 1 – 2 week withdrawal program, selective 12 week day program and 12 week residential rehabilitation program, consisting of 8 weeks residential followed by 4 weeks day program. Arcadia House skills based programs are based on Therapeutic Community Principles.

Needle and Syringe Program (ACT): is a public health measure, consistent with ACT Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Strategy and the National Drug Strategy’s harm minimisation framework, to reduce the spread of infections such as HIV and Hepatitis C among people who inject drugs. The program provides a range of services that includes provision of a comprehensive range of clean injecting equipment, education on harm minimisation practices, health information, free nutritious food and nurse led health assessments. Free equipment is available from primary outlets located in Civic and Phillip and community health centres and can be purchased from participating pharmacies.

Pathways Programs (NSW): a range of ATOD programs have been established, or are in the process of being established in regional NSW, including in Goulburn, Murrumbidgee, Eurobodalla and Monaro regions. Services are primarily case management and early intervention services for people from a variety of population groups, including young people and adults impacted by methamphetamine use (delivered in partnership with Ted Noffs) in Murrumbidgee and Goulburn regions; pre and post support for people accessing residential and day rehabilitation, outreach services to headspace Griffith, and integrated services for young Aboriginal people seeking employment or education pursuits in the Murrumbidgee; and general ATOD case management services for individuals and families in the Eurobodalla and Monaro regions.

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