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The Ngara Nura program is an intensive medium term (six month) therapeutic and psycho educational integration program within a modified therapeutic community (TC).

Ngara Nura provides intensive learning environment for male offenders to address not just their substance misuse, other addictive behaviours, but also the factors underlying their addiction, misuse or dependence.

As a therapeutic community, Ngara Nura provide a secure and structured community environment facilitating positive change, recovery from addictions, developing healthy relationships and behaviours.

The program is full time. On a regular basis, participants attend a daily community meeting, a weekly in-depth community meeting, psycho-educational and therapeutic groups three days per week, and a minimum of two 12-step groups per week (AA and NA) and up to four meetings which may include meetings in the community under escort. They are expected to attend individual sessions to assist them with their full participation in group and in their post release planning.

As transition from custody to the community can be very stressful, especially those who have a lengthy history of incarceration and/or relapsing and re-offending, some decide to take a gradual step and move to residential treatment facilities or supported accommodation in the community to continue their recovery program; whilst others who return directly into the general community are introduced to appropriate support agencies.

The Ngara Nura program has a through care component, offering telephone support to all participants after their release, and through a voluntary fortnightly maintenance group available to all Ngara Nura participants residing in the community.