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As well as its therapeutic community (TC), The Buttery provides community outreach programs which complement the work of the TC. The TC provides medium-term residential rehabilitation for drug and alcohol affected people. Two half-way houses provide aftercare. The Buttery also provides residential treatment to people diverted from the local Magistrate’s Court through the MERIT program.
The Buttery’s Maintenance to Abstinence residential program is for people being maintained on opioid substitutes who wish to move to an abstinence-based lifestyle. It is co-located on The Buttery’s campus. People completing this program are able to join the Therapeutic Community.

The Buttery’s programs in the local community are: INTRA, a drug counselling and health promotion service; b.well for people with co-existing mental health and substance misuse issues; CORE, a rehab program for people who cannot participate in a residential program; a program of SMART Recovery groups throughout the NSW Northern Rivers Region; Partners in Recovery for people with long-term mental health issues; the Northern Rivers Gambling Counselling and a free family counselling program for the loved ones of people affected by substance abuse.

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