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 “Providing effective recovery for individuals and families affected by co-occurring alcohol, other drug, and mental health problems “

Goldbridge Rehabilitation Services (Goldbridge) is a community based organisation, established in 1988 to provide best practice residential and non-residential drug, alcohol and mental health recovery services.

Goldbridge is located in Southport on the Gold Coast and provides seven programs:

•    Intake and Assessment
•    Residential Therapeutic Community
•    Adventure Therapy
•    Drug Court
•    Family Support Service
•    Transition to Community
•    After Care/Continuing Care support.

The residential program runs for a nominal period of six (6) months and has a capacity to assist 28 individuals.  People need to have completed detoxification prior to entering the program.  The target group is adults 21 to 65 years who are affected by co-occurring alcohol, other drug and mental health problems.  Residents have an option after completing the residential program to continue with Goldbridge in the Transition program, a semi-structured program in the community for a nominal period of six (6) months.

Goldbridge uses the Therapeutic Community (TC) approach towards treatment and recovery, and is the principle means for promoting personal change through self-help and mutual support.  Both residents and staff participate in the management and operation of the community through Group Therapy, Experiential Learning, Psych- Education Groups and Work Crews.  Goldbridge is a member of the Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association.

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