Recovery Program – Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
The Sunrise Way three month recovery program has been designed to help people wishing to overcome their addiction to alcohol or drugs.
The program is based on Toowoomba’s forma S3 program, which involves taking a bio-psycho-social approach to recovery. Throughout the program, we provide a safe and secure environment to support residents to gain and maintain a new lifestyle, free from the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs. There is also a transitional day program as a follow up to the residential program.

Program Goals
There are two overall goals of the Sunrise Way recovery program. These are:
• To assist you to recover from your addiction.
• To help you develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies to avoid relapse.
These goals are achieved by:
• Highly structured program full of activities including: group therapy, psychology sessions, GP consultation, counselling, access to 12 step programs and linkage to a wide variety of community support networks.
• Providing a safe environment in which the recovery process can occur.
• Minimising outside distraction.
• Maintaining a strict drug- and alcohol-free environment (with routine testing as required). Please also note that Sunrise Way is a nicotine-free facility.
• Promoting warmth, respect, consistency, and empathy among all residents and staff members.
• Assisting you with setting achievable and realistic personal goals.
• Addressing any knowledge deficits regarding the impacts of drugs and alcohol on health.
• Providing a highly-structured program, including chores, routines, activities, group discussions, and guest speakers.
• Providing access to qualified and professional help where required including AA, NA, and other community self-help groups in the program.

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