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Odyssey House Victoria has two residential programs operating as Therapeutic Communities.
The agency also has a suite of community based services offering; counselling youth, adult and family, child centred initiatives, supported accommodation, employment and financial counselling. Residential and community based initiatives operate in metropolitan and rural locations. All programs welcome aboriginal clients.

TC Metropolitan Melbourne

Following a social psychiatric model of recovery the program offers a comprehensive assessment of medical, psychological, and psychiatric need.

The values of respect, concern, honesty, trust and love are central to the daily operations of the Therapeutic Community.

The program follows a balanced daily routine of maintenance/ work related activity, passive and active recreational pursuits, good nutrition and adequate rest.

This program has beds allocated specifically for parents with accompanying children from birth to age twelve. Onsite child care and family sensitive practice are central to our program planning.

Circuit Breaker North East Victoria

The Circuit Breaker program provides a six-week, live-in values based recovery program in North-East Victoria. It is for people affected by alcohol and other drug problems, and associated mental health issues. The program accommodates 15 adults and aims to help people end the chaos associated with a substance dependent lifestyle.

All Odyssey House Victoria Programs are dual diagnosis and opiate substitute friendly.