Before I thought about coming to WHOS RTOD I had done about 12 detox programs and thought every time I could stay clean myself. It took a long time to realize this wasn’t so. I was drinking a lot everyday and I couldn’t get through a day without alcohol. I started using drugs again and ended up on methadone. I told the prescriber I wanted free drugs and he put me on the program. I was using other drugs on top of the methadone and still drinking a hell of a lot. I was hurting myself and my family and it destroyed every relationship I had. No one wants to be with a drunk or a drug addict. I lost everything I ever had.

Today I have been sober (alcohol free) and stable on methadone for about 3 months and it is great. I feel really good and I can now start to get on with life and get things set up for myself, although I get impatient.

I now can look to the future and see a life for myself with a partner and maybe a part time job or even just study. I now have plans for my future.  With the help of WHOS RTOD I am well on my way to achieving the things I want. I am sober and much more clear headed. I will need ongoing treatment through Drug and Alcohol counsellors and HIV support to get me to where I need to go but I am well and truly on the way to living a fulfilling life.

Author: atcaxo