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Pathways Southport is a service providing assessment, referral, treatment and support for people over 18 years experiencing problems associated with alcohol and other drug use. Whatever the journey that brings a person to our service, and whatever their personal beliefs and values, the goal of Pathways Southport is to assist people to develop the skills they need to be free of addiction and achieve the quality of life they desire.

Our qualified case workers assist people in developing their own recovery plan and provide support through:

  • One-to-one support and casework
  • Therapeutic and educational group sessions
  • Support and advocacy in accessing residential detox and rehabilitation
  • Referral to a range of other services and programs
  • Direct access to Gold Coast Recovery Services

Our therapeutic and educational group sessions include:

  • Drug and alcohol education
  • Relapse prevention and management
  • Developing a healthy and positive lifestyle
  • Values and goals identification
  • Strategies around harm reduction