Prior to coming to WHOS MTAR my life was unmanageable to the extent where even going to the chemist to pick up my methadone was a struggle. I was stuck in a never ending cycle of using drugs, depression and trying to stay drug free but always failing and perpetuating the cycle.

With the help of my MERIT worker I decided to call WHOS MTAR. I had come to MTAR previously in 2007 and knew that there was an answer to my despair. I knew that if I could take enough self responsibility to get here via a detox and hand my destructive wilfulness over I could break this cycle.

My first impressions of MTAR were confronting for me, because of being here before I knew what was expected of me but also in addict-style thinking wanted things straight away and was looking for the easy road. Once I slowed down and realised I needed to follow a process, stay and participate, things got easier. Once I sat and listened the groups were interesting and I learnt new ways I can incorporate into my day to day life.

I found the harm minimisation groups were very insightful and realised how dangerous my active addiction was. Once handing myself over to the program I found that I’ve grown with my fellow peers and they have became a great support as I am also able to be there for them.

The staff at MTAR are always here to support me wherever necessary, they have been really supportive through my detox as have my fellow peers. I have found the doctors and nursing staff easily accessible if I need any medical attention or medication.

Through the WHOS MTAR program I have learnt the importance of a strong foundation for recovery. The assignment groups have allowed me to see the importance of external support groups in my life and in the later stages on this program, were I hope to continue to build a solid foundation.

I reached my first goal of withdrawing from methadone and intend to move through to the WHOS Gateway aftercare program. There I hope to gain more independence, be of service to my community and establish supports to help me live drug free.

I know if I continue to involve myself in the WHOS program as well as Narcotics Anonymous, life and things can only go forward. I am grateful to this program; it has given me a start in life again and I have learnt vital skills needed to live a responsible and productive life.

Author: atcaxo