I was born in Gladstone Qld on the 23/10/1979.  My mother and father separated when I was one year of age. Mum found a new boyfriend who was her partner til I was the age of five and he was very abusive.  When they broke up my mother and I moved to Brisbane with my brother and three sisters.  I lived in Brisbane with my mother until I was sixteen, growing up was very hard as Mum was an alcoholic, this made me want to avoid home as much as possible which unfortunately led me to associate with the wrong crowds of people.

So from the age of 11, I found myself getting drunk a lot and stoned to fit in, which started causing me various troubles with the police and the law.  Due to this I began not caring about school as well as having disrespect for authority and my guardians.  My mother became sick of me and my behaviour so she said to me “There is no need for you to go to school and you are too hard for me to handle, so you can go and live with your father.”

So I went and lived with my father still having disrespect for authority, I found I couldn’t heed his advice and guidance.  I continued to get stoned and started work straight away.  I did this for approximately the next four years.  I then met a girl and moved out with her and it was the best five years of my life.  Although I had still been arrested a few times and continued heavily smoking marijuana and drinking and for some deluded reason I thought I was getting better as things seemed to be going well as I had a happy home.

Then my job was put on hold as there was no cash flow coming into their business.  Not knowing what to do I started to sell marijuana, business was slow and not supporting my needs, so I started selling speed which was a big mistake as it quickly turned my life to hell as I became heavily addicted.  Approximately one month later I found I was using more than I was selling and using needles.

When my girlfriend found out I was using needles she promptly kicked me out of our home. Feeling confused and not knowing what I was doing I grabbed my drugs and few possessions and ran.  I then had to live on the streets for approximately two years.  With the circumstances and distressed feelings my addiction grew to levels way out of my control.  I met a girl on the streets and got her pregnant so we both moved back to Brisbane in order to clean up our lives and do what was right for our baby we were going to have.  Also at this time I was on the run from the law as I had broken my probation and parole by not reporting as I was living on the street and did not care as I thought the world had given up on me.

My son was born and was approximately two months old when the police caught up with me and thus I was imprisoned for three months.  Being in jail broke my spirits even more.  When I was released I moved back in with my girlfriend and son.  Through determination I managed to stay clean for approximately three months, our relationship had changed and become worse thus causing more problems in my life, which made me seek my feel good and led to another addiction.

My girlfriend and I split up; I moved away and continued my addiction for close to a year which well and truly destroyed my life again.  Finally realising my addiction and life had become unmanageable I sought help from a rehab facility, WHOS Najara on the Sunshine Coast.  This has been the best move of my life as I am now 120 days clean.

This facility has re-educated and taught me how to live a life on life’s terms without alcohol and other drugs.

The program here helps with my psychological, physical and mental attitude towards life and work.  In the four months I have learned so much and progressed well through the program and now are in the Commitment stage (re-entry stage) where for one month we work hard and give back to WHOS Najara community which has helped me so much.  I am certain that with one more chance at life I can and will be a productive and good member of society as well as a great and guiding father to my beautiful son.

Author: atcaxo