Joe Coyte

Mr Coyte is currently employed as the Executive Director at The Glen Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre’s. Using a continuous quality improvement approach Mr Coyte has not only improved the efficiency of operational systems within the Glen but has led The Glen to achieve a record accreditation result against the Quality Improvement Council of Australia’s Health and Community Services Standards in 2015.

Mr Coyte worked hard behind the scenes (with the board of The Glen) to successfully lobby and advocate for “The Glen for Women” which is the first service of its kind in NSW. This service has secured funding of $9,000,000 and opened in May 2022.

Mr Coyte is a strong advocate of good governance. He enjoys a close and collegiate relationship with the board of The Glen. Mr Coyte is currently working with the Board of ADARRN (Aboriginal Community Controlled Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres Peak Body) and has been since its incorporation in 2019. Mr Coyte is also sits on ANACAD and advises the Federal health Minister on Alcohol and Drug related matters.

Personally Mr Coyte is a loving husband and devoted father of three children 20, 17 and 14. He considers fatherhood is his most important role.